Should We Look At Contact Sports Differently These Days?

Contact sports. A controversial topic for the last couple years and what you need to know. First things first. Should you allow your kid to play contact sports? Research suggests that the physical harm from not playing a sport much more outweighs the effect of playing a sport. Sports help kids strive, they help kids grow mentally and physically. So no, allow your kids to play sports because there is much more negative effect if they aren’t involved in a sport. Now how to keep kids safe. Here are my tips…

1. Play by the rules, rules are there for a reason to keep everyone safe

2. Play by size! Playing by size avoids lots of risk injuries and allows everyone to enjoy the game!

3. Avoid overplaying. Parents don’t push your kids if they say they are done listen they know their body better than anyone

4. Finally, wear protective gear find the best gear that suitable for your child to help keep them from injury!