The Original Game Bag

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The Game Bag is the world’s best stadium blanket. The only blanket shaped like a bag, allows the user to “step into the bag”, zip the bag up to the upper body region, and use a well located draw-string to keep the elements out and your body heat in at the same time.

Exterior – is a waterproof and windproof vinyl built to withstand all the elements you can throw at it. This vinyl outer also protect the wearer from any all products typically found at your favorite sporting event such as soda, ketchup, beer, and any other food products.

Interior – is a soft and comfortable medium weight industrial fleece designed to create a greater level of warmth, comfort and security at any outdoor activity. The interior base of The Game Bag is vinyl lined as well to allowing the user to keep his footwear on while in use. The Game Bag is machine washable.