The Game Bag Elite- Stadium Blanket

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The newly updated, built for you Game Bag Elite! This stadium blanket was made with the finest sherpa interior. Never before seen has there been a completely waterproof outdoor blanke  quite Tike ours. The Game Bag stadium blanket is sure to keep you warm throughout any outdoor event. 

Exterior – This waterproof blanket and windproof vinyl blanket, was built to withstand all the elements you can throw at it. This vinyl outer also protect the wearer from any all products typically found at your favorite sporting event such as soda, ketchup, beer, and any other food products. Not just at the stadium but also in the woods dirt, mosquitos and other germs cant get near you.

Interior – A soft and comfortable medium weight industrial fleece designed to create a greater level of warmth, comfort and security at any outdoor activity. The Game Bag's interior has vinyl lining. Allowing the user to keep his footwear on while in use. The Game Bag is also machine washable.

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The Game Bag Elite ws made for the outdoorist spectator. Our customers rave about it, dont believe us? why should you! Just go check out our customer reviews on the "Game Bag Reviews Page"