3 MUST haves for any football game

A sweet recommendation from a loyal customer:

When going to any football game I will not leave without these three items:

1. Number 1 of course is my ultra-red Hydro Flask this thing is my life saver and keeps me from spending money on FREE water.  I will not leave home without it and so far, it has been a blessing when it comes to the four-hour games Simon plays.

2. Number 2 of course is my LULU Lemon fanny pack; this thing totally has replaced my purse and helps me take all my essentials to any game or event that happens in my life. BONUS: Totally fits right above my Game Bag!!!

3. Number Three of course is my Game Bag: I am from the pacific Northwest and around 7 pm the temperature drops about 20 degrees I have bought so many blankets that get completely ruined as soon as it starts to rain. This thing is waterproof, snow proof and every other weather condition proof. I've had my Game Bag for about 3 years now and after what I've been through, I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!!