Our Story


Adding value through Integrity, Sophisticated luxury, and the Ruggedness of our product, The GameBag generously gives their valued customers what they are looking for, encapsulated warmth when it’s needed most.


Born from the cold aluminum bleachers during a frigid and windy spring baseball game in Southwest Oregon, The GameBag quickly found it’s purpose among the faithful parental crowd. After decades of the traditional stadium blankets continuous failure to do it’s one and only job, The GameBag is here to stay. With the spectator in mind, the basic structure of the bag itself, which includes a weather-proof exterior and a plush fleece interior, is tailored ideally for the outdoor sports fan. The main focus of the The GameBag founders was to create a solution to the never-ending issue parents faced every time their youth participated in an outdoor sporting event. The issue? It’s always cold watching the game! The patented design of The GameBag allows the user to retain a good portion of their own body heat that would have normally been lost in the seasons cold environment. The GameBag allows Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and sporting fans of all ages to experience the game like never before, Warm and Dry!


Our Ultimate Purpose is to bring families together at outdoor sporting events. With The GameBag, the focus would be on the game or player versus the cold weather the game is taking place in.

Our secondary purpose, but just as important is to GIVE BACK. Our Give Back program partners with different sports programs, in return donating a portion of the profits and allowing more youth to participate in favorite sport. Today’s “pay-to-play” costs are at an all time high. With The Game Bag, we will help lift the burden of today’s families and help deserving youth participate through our scholarship programs.