Q. What is The Game Bag made out of?
A. The Game Bag is made with a vinyl exterior and fleece interior.

Q. How is this different from a regular stadium blanket?
A. A regular blanket typically covers over the top of you. A stadium blanket gives you no protection from the draft that comes from underneath the bleachers or lawn chair. A regular blanket is not waterproof or windproof. The Game Bag is a “step into bag” that encompases your body, does not allow wind to come up underneath you, and keeps your body heat trapped in the bag itself. The Game Bag is waterproof, spill proof, and is unlike any stadium blanket on the market today.

Q. Is The Game Bag Waterproof?
A. Yes, The Game Bag is waterproof, windproof and will withstand anything a stadium throws at it (beer, ketchup, soda, baby puke ;)- Virtually no other stadium blanket can make that claim!

Q. What temperature is The Game Bag best used in?
A. The Game Bag is best used when outdoor temperatures are above 20 degrees.

Q. Can I still stand and cheer if I want to?
A. Absolutely! The Game Bag is designed so the user can sit and stand routinely. You cannot walk in The Game Bag although.

Q. Can we order in a multitude of colors?
A. Currently The Game Bag is offered with a black interior and black exterior. Phase II of our rollout will offer different colors.

Q. Can I put a custom silkscreen or embroidery on the bag?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Do you offer a bulk discount for large orders?
A. Yes, best to email alan@thegamebag.com with specifics and we can make that happen!

Q. Will my Game Bag last more than one season?
A. The Game Bag has a 1 year warranty, but it should last for years with the proper care!

Q. Do you offer fundraising opportunities for Sports Teams, Mom Groups, etc….?
A. Of course! We love to work with groups and give back to a good cause or organization. See our Fundraising Page on the main page of the website. Your team moms/dads will look amazing with The Game Bag vs. an array of various stadium blankets.

Q. How do I “get in” the game bag?
A. Easy! Simply unzip the bag, step into the bag with the zipper in front of you, zip fully closed and take a seat! It’s that easy. They can be used on bleachers, in lawn chairs, on the ground, laying down on the couch, virtually anywhere you like to be Warm, Dry and Comfortable.

Q. Is The Game Bag just for outdoor use?
A. Heck no! Lots of users take this to work to use in a cold office, they use it on the couch to read or watch TV, ect.

Q. Do you have to “step in the bag” to use it?
A. No! Lots of people lay The Game Bag out on the ground at concerts, outdoor church activities, on the banks of fishing rivers, anywhere a waterproof mat/blanket would come in handy.

Q. What is the best story from a Game Bag user?
A. A wonderful customer sent us picture of her on a redeye flight. She said The Game Bag was the best travel companion ever! She will never fly again without The Game Bag again!!