What Makes A Good Camping Blanket

What Makes a Good Camping Blanket?

Going on an outdoor adventure? A camping blanket is a must-have. The only question is what style, material and extras does each camping blanket provide and what camping blanket best suits me? Whenever you’re choosing a camping blanket here are a few key factors you need to consider!

First and foremost it’s important to know that the most important part of the blanket is the material it consists of. The most popular choice of course is wool or . This is because it is insulating and water resistant. The only problem with wool is the complicity of cleaning it: scruff and dirt can mix with the wool and be a hassle to get out. Our favorite choice is fleece lightweight/easy to clean and super flexible. 

Another factor when choosing the camping blanket is the size and weight of the blanket. Of course choosing a big blanket can help you cover a variety of people and becomes more versatile,but this also means having a heavier and more complex to carry around. Whereas a smaller camping blanket is usually for one person made for the solo journey or backpacking purposes. 

Next, consider the warmth and comfort of your camping blanket. Every area explored is different in temperature so be aware of a specific temperature every blanket is rated for, so take the time and look at the temperature ranges to find the perfect fit for you.

Finally, consider the design of your camping blanket. Some blankets have built-in pockets, hoodies, arm sleeves and or straps for easy carrying. The design should be everything when it comes to picking out your blanket so keep that in mind when searching on amazon and other platforms. 

In conclusion the best fit for you should include one that is durable, the right size and fit, insulating, and has the best design. Of course our pick is The Game Bag. The Game Bag is lightweight and comes with a tote to carry around from place to place. The Game Bag is durable, machine washable, tough on the outside to protect you from the outdoor elements and comfy on the inside to keep you nice and cozy around the fire. The Game Bag is the only wrap-around step-into camping blanket on the market, so even if you get too warm (which you will) it's easy to zip down and rest over the top of your legs. The Game Bag was made for the outdoorist and made for the user.