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The Best Stadium Blanket and it's not even close…

What is a Stadium Blanket? Made for the sports fan, a stadium Blanket by definition is a blanket that you take with you to any outdoors sporting event. These blankets are for those cold game nights watching your favorite game, and things could get extra cold. Wouldn't it be nice to know what you’re actually purchasing? Wouldn't it be nice to know the exact qualities that go into the best stadium blanket you can own? Leave it to us to give you the full breakdown on what goes into the best stadium blanket and our top pick of a stadium blanket.



Now when getting this type of blanket you need to know exactly what their intended use is for. After all, not all blankets are made the same. Most blankets you see online have cool names like cozy blanket, or warm blanket, maybe even durable blanket. You may be thinking these outdoor blankets don't have any of these traits , you're wrong. These outdoor blankets are that and more. Stadium Blankets are used for outdoor purposes (picnics blankets, sports games, camping blankets, outdoor reading) most of the material is heavy duty and sometimes could be uncomfortable (most are comfortable). This is for the specific reason that they intend for these products to get dirty. Now, because of this, looking for something not only comfortable, but easy to clean is a big challenge in the marketplace. Most of the time you have to choose between comfortable or ability to clean it. There are however some products out there that have taken this challenge head on, making use of your amazing washing machine.

Our favorite of course is The Game Bag. This is the first step into stadium blankets. The Game Bag designs a product that keeps the warm and fuzziness of a blanket inside and the hard exterior and dirt out. The Game Bag is a waterproof blanket made for the cold conditions.The Game bag is also machine washable so no matter where you take it or what you do The Game bag can always stay clean. 



Portability of your Stadium Blanket:

Why does The best stadium blanket need to be portable? It’s a great question and one that can be answered by another question. Have you ever tried to lug around a big heavy comforter? I mean sure the coziness of the blanket is everything when it comes to preference but having the ability to unroll and roll a blanket back up then continue on with your day is a bigger deal than most people realize. It can also be a lot more stylish to walk around with a blanket in some sort of portable transportation than carrying a big heavy blanket in your arms unable to see where to go. Above all it needs to be a travel blanket, made for convenient carrying.

Once again The Game Bag blows everyone else out of the way. The Game Bag comes with a carry around sack that has a  carrying handle and hides into the consumers hands. The sack is big enough to hold the blanket and that is it. Trust me you don’t really want to be storing too much in your sack things could get dirty or even worse you could forget that you put it in there and have an extreme dissolution of where you put your keys last. 



The Perfect Size for the perfect person

As you’ve probably guessed, the portable blankets are not tended to be big in size. The reality of getting a stadium blanket is to get something that fits your needs, not you AND your mom, not you AND your friends. A stadium blanket should be made for You. There shouldn't be an extra layer, this is to encapsulate the body heat from the chilly weather. Some have zippered pockets, corner loops and even a variety of styles. In my experience None of that is really needed. These outdoor blankets just need to keep you warm, need to be a durable blanket and need to fit you to encapsulate your body heat.


Wearable Blanket

This is one of the most important parts in our experts opinion. So you can last the entire game (soccer game, football game, baseball game etc.) your blanket needs to be something that fully encapsulates you. This is what makes blankets like The Game Bag so great because it encapsulates your lower two third of your body that gives your legs that extra warmth from all that warm fleece or our sherpa blanket making it the ultimate waterproof stadium blanket. Other products have duplicated this product the best they can most are fleece blankets and they do have amazing durable materials but none have quite been like The Game Bag that protects you from all the ground cover. I mean what other blanket can you take on all your camping trips, outdoor excursions or any event and step into. Keeping your shoes on The Game Bag allows it's user to step right into it without any harm to the interior. In fact the blanket can be worn around the house. Yep! The Game Bag is also an indoor blanket, an indoor blanket that you can use for all your indoor reading. 


Other Valuable Attributes:

Some outdoor blankets are designed to be picnic blankets so take caution when picking yours out. A purpose blanket is the best strategy when picking yours out. Another great thing that a company called rumpl blankets takes part in is with their rumpl down puffy made from recycled material. Other companies provide custom blankets, cheaper blankets alternative to higher pricing ones and hand warmers to keep your hands warm for the cold weather. Look for style options when getting the perfect blanket for you. FInally avoid the pet hair that could sink into a fleece or sherpa exterior get something easy to clean.


The Game Bag

It's finally time to showcase the number one pick for the best stadium blanket,  The Game Bag is the first step into a stadium blanket made for the outdoors. It's an all weatherproof blanket, waterproof and either soft fleece from the finest fleece material or sherpa interior.  The Game Bag is machine washable, and truly is the all-purpose blanket made for the outdoors. The Game Bag has convenient carrying with the Game Bag sack and is a very neutral color making it wearable at all your sporting events. The breathable fabric makes it a want for all sports spectators.

Not only was the game bag built for games but it is one of the best camping blankets out there. Ready for all your camping trips,  the game bag is unlike anything else. It's such an ease of care product that you won't remember what you did without it. Not the most expensive blanket on the market but also not a cheaper blanket knockoff other brands carry. 

If you're ready to make the jump order here and never have to wonder what the best stadium blanket is again


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